2019 BEST Speakers

Kevin Vallely

After spending nearly twenty years testing the limits of human endurance in the most inhospitable environments on the planet, Kevin has developed a sixth sense, a ‘wild wisdom’, that allows him to succeed at everything he does. “There’s nothing special about me,” he says steadfastly when asked, “I don’t have some hidden talent or gift, I just know how to get things done.” He inspires audiences with his core belief that all of us are capable of achieving big goals.


Michelle Ashley/John Clarke

PGL Environmental Consultants/Milestone Environmental Contracting  

Game of Zones: Remediation through Bulk Excavation and Risk Assessment at a Former Sawmill Operation on Kwantlen FN Lands  

Eric Bradley

Dober Chemical  

On-Site Water Treatment with Naturally-Sourced Chemistry  

William CullochDasson

SNC - Lavalin Inc.  

Development of Regional Scale Background Trace Element Concentrations and Application to Sites on the Alaska Highway, Northern BC.  

Karey Dow/Warren Mills

Hemmera Envirochem Inc./City of Richmond  

Determining the Applicability of CSR AW Standards in a Tidally Influenced Environment  

Kevin French

Vertex Environmental Inc.  

Overcoming Persistent Organic Contaminant Back-Diffusion Using Adsorptive Technologies  

Francis Galbraith

SNC-Lavalin Inc.  

Remediating F2 Impacts in Soil Via Hydrogen Peroxide Injections  

Ardith Gingell

BC Ministry of Environment  

Prevention of Site Contamination From Soil Relocation-Final Policy Direction  

Chris Henry

SNC-Lavalin Inc.  

The Use of Low-Level Membrane Interface Probe® and Hydraulic Profiling Tool in the Delineation of a Chlorinated Solvent Plume in Sandy Soils  

Ian Hers

Golder Associates  

Development of Methods, Tools and Models for Assessment of Natural Source Zone Depletion and Enhanced Bioremediation at Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted Sites  

George (Bud) Ivey

Ivey International Inc.  

Surfactant Enhanced Extraction to Expedite Remediation of a Carbon Tetrachloride Source Zone at an Active Grain Elevator Facility  

Jasmeen Jatana

ALS Global  

Maximizing Data Quality for Nutrients and Aggregate Organics  

Amy Jimmo

University of Saskatchewan  

Use of a Biostimulatory Solution to Enhance Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degradation Rates in Cold-Region Soils: A Bench-Scale Microcosm Study  

Tyler Joyce/Kate Schendel

Stantec Consulting Ltd./Vancouver Fraser Port Authority  

Case Study: Overcoming challenges and obstacles to remediate a former de-waxing facility in Richmond, BC  

Jayson Kurtz

Ecofish Research Ltd.  

Environmental Monitoring of DFO’s New Pile Driving Mitigation Advice  

Heather Lord

Maxxam Analytics  

Accurate and Quantifiable Characterization of Biogenic vs. Petrogenic Hydrocarbons in Soil  

Silvia Mancini

Geosyntec Consultants Inc.  

Semi-Passive Water Treatment of Mine Water Impacted with Nitrate and Selenium  

Rick McGregor

In Situ Remediation Services Ltd  

The InSitu Treatment of Chlorinated Ethenes Using Colloidal Activated Carbon and Bioremediation  

Doug McMillan

SNC-Lavalin Inc.  

CFB Comox, Fire Fighting Training Area, PFAS Delineation and Water Treatment: A Case Study  

B.J. Min/Jevins Waddell

TRIUM Environmental Inc.  

Going Global: Excitement, Challenges and Innovation for Advanced In-Situ Remediation Technologies  

Terry Obal

Maxxam Analytics  

PFAS Replacement Compounds: The Next Generation  

Dionysios (Dino) Rossi/Luke Dineley

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP  

Environmental Inspections, Investigations and Prosecutions  

Jonathan Sanders/Ian Reid

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd./Heiltsuk Nation  

The importance of First Nation Integration in Rural and Remote Construction Projects: A Bella Bella Case Study  

John Sankey

True Blue Technologies, Inc.  

Managing Complex Sites with High Resolution Characterization and Remediation  

Aimée Schryer

University of Saskatchewan  

New Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Method for the Quantification of Inorganic and Organic 18O- Phosphate Species  

Lynda Smithard/Cory Nelson

McCue Engineering Contractors/PGL Environmental Consultants  

Groundwater Metals Contamination and Construction Dewatering: Treatment Challenges and Solutions  

John R. Taylor/Lauren Cherkezoff

Core6 Environmental Ltd./BC Hydro Environment  

What the Fe?  

Mike Turner/Robert Stacey

QM Environmental LP/ASTTBC  

Middle Harbour Fill Site Uplands Remediation: Execution and Management of a Large Remediation Project as Prime Environmental Contractor  

Allison Waldick

McElhanney Consulting  

The Boxwood Ground Improvements Project  

Adam Way

Harper Grey LLP  

Changing Standards and Contaminated Sites – The Legal Perspective  

Mark Youden/Wally Braul/Maya Stano

Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP  

The Latest Trends and Key Issues Before Environmental Tribunals  

Mark Youden/Wally Braul/Maya Stano

Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP  

The Ever-Changing Environmental Assessment  

Michael Zima

Golder Associates Ltd.  

Offshore Investigation Techniques for Contaminated Sites