Message from BCHAZMAT Management Ltd.

Dear BCEIA Members,

I am a part-time team of member at BC Hazmat Management Ltd, a friend of Dave and Becky Rogers, and a business confidante, not necessarily in that order. Dave asked me to get in touch with you.

Dave is as well as can be expected. He underwent colorectal surgery just over a week ago without complications, albeit not without the expected amount of angst an alpha-male experiences with any major invasive surgery. We see him at the office for short periods, just to get him out of his mindset, although I speak to him more than I see him. It will be some time before Dave will get his emotions around being a cancer victim.

Operationally it is business at usual at BC Hazmat. The business is sufficiently mature and established enough not to rely on a single skipper. Response and training has and will continue without Dave at the immediate helm, and best-practice processes prevail.  But Dave has realized that he is not infallible, and whilst I think he has all intentions, and capabilities, to rebound in the immediate future, I have been tasked with reprioritizing succession planning.

There will be change at BC Hazmat but of course none of us really know what form or shape or timing that will have. The intent is to engage the services of a professional accounting firm to assemble and drive the business case of change, M&A, divestiture, whatever. I think Dave sees himself handing off the the financial reins in the next two years to go ride motorcycles wearing a bandanna…

So, in the meantime, operations will continue to be managed by Troy Archibald – business as usual. Please use your discretion in what you disseminate to BCEIA members. I ask that any inquiries about Dave and BC Hazmat’s future be directed to me in confidence as I am trying to keep Dave’s head just a little less cluttered.

Kindest Regards,

Fredy Boese
Tel: 250-656-3382