BC Ministry of the Environment: Contaminated Sites Protocols and Guidance Documents Released

Deadline for comments is September 5, 2017

JULY 31, 2017 – As a result of Stage 10 (Omnibus) amendments to the Contaminated Sites Regulation (CSR), the following Contaminated Sites Protocols and Guidance Documents have been updated or developed and are now ready for stakeholder comment:

*         Protocol 2: Site-Specific Numerical Soil Standards

*         Protocol 6: Eligibility of Applications for Review by Approved Professionals

*         Protocol 11: Upper Cap Concentrations for Substances Listed in the CSR

*         Protocol 13: Screening Level Risk Assessment

*         Protocol 22: Application of Vapour Attenuation Factors to Characterize Vapour Contamination

*         Protocol 27: Soil Leaching Tests for Use in Deriving Site-Specific Numerical Soil Standards

*         Protocol 30: Determination of Carcinogenic Substances

*         Technical Guidance 4:  Vapour Investigation and Remediation

*         Technical Guidance 7: Supplemental Guidance for Risk Assessments

*         Technical Guidance 24: Site-Specific Numerical Soil Standards Model Parameters

Some documents have minor administrative changes and these limited revisions have been highlighted in yellow.  However, other documents have undergone significant re-writing or are entirely new and need to be reviewed in their entirety to see the full scope of changes (i.e. there is no yellow highlighting).

It was originally expected that Protocol 12 would require updates as a result of the Stage 10 amendments but this was not the case.  As such, Protocol 12 is not part of this package.

Please provide comment on the above documents by Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Comments should be sent to site@gov.bc.ca.

Website: www.gov.bc.ca/siteremediation
E-mail address:  site@gov.bc.ca