BC Ministry of the Environment – New Draft Analytical Methods Posted for Review

Please provide comments by September 5, 2017

AUGUST 9, 2017 – New draft analytical methods listed below, developed with the assistance of the British Columbia Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee (BCELTAC), have now been posted for review and comment to the ministry’s Sampling, Methods & Quality Assurance webpage, BC Environmental Laboratory Manual, “Methods Posted for Review“.

  1. Liquid-Solid Partitioning (Leachability) of VOCs – Prescriptive
  2. Asbestos in Water by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) – Prescriptive
  3. Perfluorinated Alkyl Acids (PFAA) in Soils by LC/MS/MS – PBM
  4. Perfluorinated Alkyl Acids (PFAA) in Water by LC/MS/MS – PBM

The majority of these new draft methods have been developed in support of the Stage 10 (Omnibus) amendment to the Contaminated Sites Regulation.

Please provide comment on the new methods by September 5, 2017 to:  Joyce Austin, Senior Provincial Laboratory Specialist, Knowledge Management Branch at Joyce.Austin@gov.bc.ca.

Technical questions regarding the proposed new method should be directed to: Mark Hugdahl (BCELTAC Chair) at Mark.Hugdahl@alsglobal.com.