BCEIA Board of Directors – 2017/18 Committees Announced

The BCEIA Board of Directors is committed to developing and fostering the growth of the environmental industry in British Columbia through novel environmental business and technology solutions. The 2017/18 BCEIA Committees have been designated based on the interests, specialized skills and knowledge of the Association’s individual Directors.

BEST Committee
The BEST Committee organizes the annual Bettering Environmental Stewardship & Technology (BEST) Conference on behalf of the organization.

Kate Branch, P.Eng. – Chair
Monte Anions, Geo.L., EP
Mike Farnsworth, B.Sc.
John Hibbard
Vijay Lanji, MBA
Elena Ranyuk, PhD
Brian White, P.Eng
Forrest Tittle, PhD

Brownfields Committee
This committee of multi-disciplined brownfield/contaminated sites practitioners meets regularly to discuss developments, opportunities and regulatory changes in the brownfield industry.

Chris Gill, B.A.(Env), EP, LEED AP – Chair
Kate Branch, P.Eng.

Business Development Committee
The Business Development Committee organizes selected BCEIA events, and supports the promotion and marketing of all BCEIA events and initiatives.  The Business Development Committee may support events through direct organization of the events, by managing the promotion of the event, or by preparing the marketing materials required for a BCEIA event.

Karen Tu – Chair
Kirby Briggs
Mike Farnsworth, B.Sc., P.Ag.
David Kettlewell, M.Sc., P.Geo., CSAP
Elena Ranyuk, PhD

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee is responsible for developing and communicating public messages and outreach programs for the BCEIA.

Michael Sumal, B.Sc. – Chair
Peter Hamata, PMP, EP
Chris McCue, AScT

First Nations Committee
A focus on improving communications, cooperation and understanding between First Nations and environmental companies, and increasing First Nations participation in environmental industries are the cornerstones of this environmental committees’ involvement with First Nations across the province. The committee seeks to establish partnerships, build enterprise, and enhance labour development with First Nations communities and people.

Monte Anions, Geo.L., EP – Chair
Susannah Kennedy, BSc, PChem
Brian White, P.Eng.

Government Relations Committee
The Government Relations Committee provides a conduit to discuss environmental policy and upcoming changes to regulations within the Province of British Columbia. The committee’s role is to not lobby government for change but to be an active participant in the development and ongoing discussions related to regulatory review.

Brian White, P.Eng. – Chair
Adam Way

Hazardous Waste Committee
Members of this committee provide direct oversight to the BCEIA Hazardous Waste Compliance Improvement Project (HWCIP). They also monitor legislation, policy and regulatory reform.

Rustam Punja, BSc, EP – Chair
Peter Hamata, PMP, EP
Chris McCue, AScT

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee works to recruit and welcome new members at each level of membership from Student to Platinum. We also strive to retain our current membership by ensuring our members receive the full benefit of their membership.

Andrew Sorensen, P.Eng., CSAP – Chair
Luke Dineley
Adam Way

Scholarship Committee
Members of this committee provide management of the BCEIA Scholarship(s). The BCEIA student scholarship, awarded once a year, helps create leaders by providing financial aid to students studying in fields that benefit the environment. The Committee administers the scholarship, making the final decision on the student(s) to be selected.

Vijay Lanji – Chair
John Hibbard
David Kettlwell, M.Sc., P.Geo., CSAP