BCEIA Member News: McCue Introduces Water & Wastewater Treatment Brand

MAY 11, 2022 – McCue Engineering Contractors is pleased to introduce PANAQUATM, our own brand of water and wastewater treatment products, designed and built by our team in British Columbia, Canada.   PANAQUATM comes from years of research and development, and some pretty tough projects in some pretty rough environments.  PANAQUATM equipment is built to handle rugged Canadian industrial site conditions.  With dependable equipment and practical designs that are easy to operate and easy to maintain, PANAQUATM is the solution to all of your water and wastewater challenges.

PANAQUATM water and wastewater components are designed with flexibility in mind.  Components can be connected to each other or to other water treatment technologies.  Treatment possibilities are endless.

McCue Engineering Contractors is currently manufacturing the following technologies:

  • PANAQUATM  Nutrients
  • PANAQUATM  Reactor
  • PANAQUATM  Chem-mix
  • PANAQUATM  Chem-Makeup
  • PANAQUATM Membranes
  • PANAQUATM  Potable

(available, but not yet featured on the website)

  • PANAQUATM  Selenium

For more information, please contact us at info@mccuecontracting.com or visit the website www.panaqua.ca