BCEIA’s Territorial Acknowledgement

Photo credit: Keystone Environmental

The BCEIA recognizes its leadership role in the environment industry and is committed to moving forward in the spirit of Truth & Reconciliation. As such, our newly adopted Territorial Announcement recognizes the lands and nations with which our industry works in and impacts cross the province.

The British Columbia Environmental Industry Association is grateful to be visitors on the unsurrendered lands of what is known as British Columbia. We acknowledge the great diversity of over 200 First Nations and their unique cultural, spiritual and legal relationships to their lands and waters. We affirm the time-honoured histories of these nations and recognize the importance of the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act in BC, which impacts everyone in our shared society. The BCEIA is dedicated to environmental solutions, innovation, sustainable development and connecting environmental professionals with Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and ways of being. We celebrate our role in restoring and protecting human and natural environments while also committing to learning and fostering the principles of Truth and Reconciliation.

We recognize that this acknowledgement is only a first step in a longer journey towards Truth & Reconciliation. With the continued assistance of Kear Porttris, we will continue to craft individual statements recognizing the ancestral significance for each of the lands on which our Association events take place.