BCUOMA is now Interchange Recycling

JUNE 9, 2023 – At its Annual General Meeting this morning, the BC Used Oil Management Association announced a new name for the organization. Effective today, they will now be known as Interchange Recycling.

From their press release:

“Why the change? Looking ahead to the next 20 years and beyond, it became clear that our old name wasn’t going to serve us in the long term. We needed a name that better reflected our business, our members and our future.

While the name may be changing, our primary business hasn’t. As Interchange Recycling we will work with the same members, collectors and processors but as times and needs change, we know we may need to collaborate with more people too. Our goal is to help business and industry achieve better environmental outcomes for everyone.

The rebranding process helped us examine who we were as an organization and what we wanted to accomplish. You may be asking, why we chose the name Interchange. It’s because we’re always active. Like a major highway interchange, there is a constant flow of materials arriving into the market and coming back into our operations. Likewise we direct the traffic for members, government, collectors & processors, public recycling centres, and of course, the general public. In short, we move forward through balance.

All of us at Interchange Recycling are very excited about our new identity and hope you are too.

We encourage you to check out our 20th Anniversary video highlighting everything we’ve accomplished over the past two decades.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help.”

For more information, contact:


General Email: reception@interchangerecycling.com

Phone: 778-817-0721 | Toll Free: 1-844-722-8662