2017 BEST Speakers/Presentations

2017 Speaker bios and abstracts below (alphabetical order by speaker last name).

Presentations (for which we have permission) are now available. Please see below.

The Honourable Mike Harcourt

Mike is a passionate believer in the power of cities and communities to improve the human condition. He has steadfastly maintained his focus on conservation and sustainable development and because of his efforts has played a significant role in promoting quality of life for those in Canada and abroad. He has held significant urban posts his entire adult life and his interest in civil society, urban design, conservation and sustainable development have made him the leader he is today in advancing livability in our cities.

Dr. Ken Coates

Dr. Ken Coates is Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan and Senior Fellow, Macdonald-Laurier Institute. His work focuses in Indigenous engagement in the resource economy, the social and economic impact of science and technology, and strategies for economic development in rural and remote regions.


Mafalda Arias

Mafalda Arias and Associates  

Re-Defining Environmental & Safety Consultation, A Social Innovation for Sustainability  

Tadd Berger

Pinchin West Ltd.  

A Unique Approach to Excavating Limited Access Areas  

Raman Birk

Public Services and Procurement Canada  

Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP) Phase III- Recap of Year 1 and Forecast to 2020  

Cassandra Caunce

Ministry of Environment  

New Structured Application Process  

Ashley Cedzo


Field Performance of Dispersive Colloidal Activated Carbon – Lessons Learned from Multiple Geological Settings  

R. Pete Craig

Geo-Solutions Inc.  

Sediment Remediation/Risk Management by In Situ Stabilization/Treatment (ISS/T) with Deep Soil Mixing (DSM)  

Stephen G. Custeau

Matcon Environmental Ltd.  

Remediation and Site Soil Management of Industrial Brownfield Site in Burnaby  

Luke Dineley

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP  

Case Law Update  

Karey Dow

Hemmera Envirochem Inc.  

BC CSR Omnibus Amendments: A case study on the impacts to environmental investigation and remediation at various sites  

Chris Gill and Jeff Robertson

Stantec Consulting Ltd.  

Spill Response – Lessons Learned and Deciding When to Build an Ark  

Monireh S. Hedayati

University of British Columbia  

Removal of PAHs Compounds from Aqueous Solution by Modified Zeolites  

Anna Henolson

Trinity Consultants  

New Canadian Air Quality Standards and Implications for Industry in B.C.  

Dave Hill/Gavin Domitter

QM Environmental  

Developing Long Term First Nations Employment and Economic Activity through Emergency Response and an Integrated Environmental Services Model  

Michael James

DeepRoot Canada Corp.  

Suspended Pavement Systems and Stormwater Management: Monitoring Results  

Andy Jeves

NUCOR Environmental Solutions Ltd.  

Stewart Center Fire  

Kelli Larsen

Ministry of Environment  

Identification of Contaminated Sites in BC: Creating a Results-Based Provincial Process that Balances the Needs of Affected Parties and Ensures Remediation of Contaminated Sites Prior to Redevelopment  

Nelson Lee

Green Sky Sustainability Consulting Inc.  

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Support  

Tara Macdonald

Biologica Environmental Services Ltd.  

Advances in Taxonomy and Biomonitoring  

Chris McDonald/Elyse Sandl

Fisheries and Oceans Canada/Core6 Environmental Ltd.  

Bunker Oil - Post Remediation Investigation: Steveston Small Harbours  

Trish Miller

Golder Associates Ltd.  

Overview of the Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment, Mount Polley Mine Tailings Breach  

Dave Munday

Coastline Technologies Inc.  

New Vibracore Technologies to Manage Georeferenced Sediment Samples  

Stephen Munzar

Core6 Environmental Ltd.  

Bedrock has its faults! How We Characterized Fracture Hosted Groundwater at a Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Site  

Melanie Piorecky

Associated Environmental Consultants Inc.  

How to go from Moonscape to Garden of Eden  

Elena Ranyuk

Stormtec Filtration Inc.  

Economical Approach to Treatment of Soluble and Particulate As, Cu, Zn, and Cr in Stormwater Runoff to Meet BCWQGs AW  

Cedric Robert

Ecofish Research Ltd.  

20,000 Hours: A preliminary quantitative review of the performance of the hydropower sector through the lens of an Independent Environmental Monitor (IEM)  

John Sankey

True Blue Technologies  

Treatment of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) in Soil and Water  

Tanya Shanoff


Developing a Large-Scale Field Experiment to Measure Fate, Behaviour and Toxicity of a Controlled Diluted Bitumen Release in a Canadian Boreal Lake  

Kerri Skelly

Ministry of Environment  

Addressing Current Challenges of the Provincial Soil Relocation Process Through Regulatory Change to Better Promote Compliance and Beneficial Re-use of Soils  

Kelly Sveinson/Lynda Smithard

Langara College/McCue Engineering Contractors  

Evaluating Biochar as an Adsorbent for Metals in Wastewater  

Ardice Todosichuk & Jake Tynan

BC Auditor General’s Office  

Evaluation of Risks to the Environment: An Audit of the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Energy and Mines Compliance and Enforcement Activities at Major Operating Mines in BC  

Scott Tomlinson

Public Services and Procurement Canada  

Environmental Procurement with PWGSC – Procurement Processes and Navigating buyandsell.gc.ca  

Mark Youden & Wally Braul/Dino Rossi

Gowling WLG/Borden Ladner Gervais LLP  

A Lawyer's Guide to Marine Emergency Spill Response