Blue Max Drilling Awarded 1st Place in “Members at Work” Photo Contest

SLR Consulting Takes Honourable Mention

The eleventh annual BCEIA “Members at Work” Photo Contest received a number of high quality entries from amateur photographers within its member organizations. Qualifying photos encompassed a wide range of subjects and included photos taken during work in the environmental industry in the past year. For the second straight year, Blue Max Drilling captured the top spot for their shot from the field taken in Squamish, BC.

1st Place – Blue Max Drilling
“This is a photo of Blue Max Drilling completing helicopter portable (heli) environmental drilling near beautiful Squamish BC. The goal was to complete the test drilling with as minimal an impact to the local environment as possible. An example of the approach was to repurpose the wood from the drill pad construction within the local community.”


Runner Up – SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.

“SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd. field staff conducting porewater sampling from hand installed piezometers in a marine foreshore. Work was conducted at night in tandem with seasonally low tides to allow for the installation and sampling of piezometers in a marine foreshore down gradient of the contamination source. The work was a component of a larger project at an active military base investigating the distribution of Per-and Polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS), an emerging contaminant of concern. This work was a component of a larger award-winning project (RPIC and CBN).”