CFIB’s New Report Released

“Working Together: Developing Environmental Policy with Small Business in Mind”

May 11, 2023 – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) represents 97, 000 Canadian owned business in all sectors and in all regions. Their most recent report, Working Together: Developing Environmental Policy with Small Business in Mind has now been released.

As the natural environment changes, many small businesses have already taken steps to reduce their environmental footprint while remaining competitive and growing the Canadian economy. More recently, the number of government environmental regulations is increasing, pushing these environmental initiatives further with diverse impacts on our small business community. This document is the CFIB’s opportunity to share small business perspectives, guiding principles, and recommendations on environmental policy development with hopes that both government and stakeholders can work together.

Top guiding principles:

  1. Environmental policies should support the principle that it is possible to grow the economy and protect the environment at the same time.
  2. Environmental policies should be simple and cost-effective to help increase voluntary participation by small businesses and help them comply with regulatory obligations.
  3. Environmental policies should include small business support programs that are well communicated and easy for small businesses to access.

Top recommendations:

  1. Ensure environmental policies and regulations do not increase red tape for small businesses.
  2. Ensure environmental policies and regulations do not increase costs for small businesses.
  3. Take an evidence-based approach when implementing environmental policies and carefully consider any potential impacts on small business and the economy prior to implementation.

The CFIB is interested in meeting organizations to discuss their new report and how the government can work with small businesses to improve the environment while supporting the economy, and welcomes the opportunity to share ideas and work with industry on issues and policies important to small businesses across the country.  

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