Congratulations to Ivey International Inc., Winner in the Environmental Business Journal Achievement Awards!

BCEIA Member wins EBJ Technology Merit: Remediation Award

Environmental Business Journal  recently presented its annual EBJ Business Achievement Awards for outstanding business performance in 2018. Included in its awardees was British Columbia company, and BCEIA corpoate member, Ivey International, Inc.

From Environmental Business Journal:


Ivey International Inc. (Surrey BC) and Burns McDonnell (St. Louis MO) for applying the Ivey-sol surfactant technology to enhance the extraction of a combined of DNAPL (CT – Carbon Tetrachloride) and LNAPL (Diesel) impacted soil and groundwater at an active grain elevator sit, near St. Louis MO. The existing duel phase extraction (DPE) system was realizing diminishing rates of mass recovery after 7 years of O&M of $100,000 USD/year. The collaboration resulted in the design and application of a pilot-scale site on-site that yielded favorable contaminant mass removal. The full-scale site-wide surfactant enhanced extraction (SEE) remediation rapidly removed 98% of the source zone CT contamination comprised of DNAPL, dissolved, and sorbed phases, and 100% of the observed LNAPL, achieving risk based clean-up targets for the site.

The published article, on the award winning technology application, appeared in the December 2018 issue of the Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine. The link to article: