BC Ministry of the Environment: Contaminated Sites ‘Response to Stakeholder Comment’ Documents Released

12 documents released in support of Stage 10/11 Amendments to Contaminated Sites Regulation

The ministry has prepared response to stakeholder comment tables related to the documents updated for the Stage 10/11 amendments to the Contaminated Sites Regulation (CSR).

The response to stakeholder comment tables are available on the ministry’s website.

List of response to stakeholder documents:

1.     Administrative Guidance 5: Approved Professional Recommendations Relating for Non-High Risk Sites

2.     Protocol 2: Site-Specific Numerical Soil Standards

3.     Protocol 4: Establishing Background Concentrations in Soil

4.     Protocol 6: Eligibility of Applications for Review by Approved Professionals

5.     Protocol 11: Upper Cap Concentrations of Substances

6.     Protocol 13: Screening Level Risk Assessment

7.     Protocol 22: Application of Vapour Attenuation Factors to Characterize Vapour Contamination

8.     Protocol 27: Soil Leachate Tests for Use in Deriving Site- Specific Numerical Soil Standards

9.     Protocol 30: Classifying Substances as Carcinogenic

10.  Technical Guidance 4: Vapour Investigation and Remediation

11.  Technical Guidance 7: Supplemental Guidance for Risk Assessments

12.  Technical Guidance 24: Site-Specific Numerical Soil Standards Model Parameters

The ministry would like to take this opportunity to thank the many stakeholders who provided comment on the documents.

Any questions about the documents or the Stage 10 and 11 amendments should be directed to site@gov.bc.ca.