Planned release dates for guidance documents supporting the CSR Omnibus Amendment

Guidance Documents scheduled for release in March and July, 2017

DECEMBER 4, 2016 – To support the implementation of the Stage 10 (Omnibus) Amendments to the Contaminated Sites Regulation, the Ministry is updating existing and developing new guidance documents.

To assist stakeholders plan for these consultation periods, a list of documents and anticipated release dates is provided below.  It is expected that the comment period for documents will be 60 days.

The Ministry will do its best to adhere to these time frames and will update stakeholders if the release dates shift significantly.

Guidance documents expected to be released for comment in March 2017

  • Protocol 4 – Determining background soil quality
  • Protocol 18 – Criteria for establishing multiple land uses at sites
  • Administrative Guidance 3 – Applying for contaminated sites services
  • Administrative Guidance 5 – Approved Professional recommendations relating to low and moderate risk sites
  • Administrative Guidance 10 – Site risk classification
  • Lab Manual – New methods for emerging contaminants of concern

Guidance documents expected to be released for comment in July 2017

  • Protocol 2 – Site-specific numerical soil standards
  • Protocol 6 – Eligibility of applications for review by Approved Professionals
  • Protocol 11 – Upper cap concentrations for substances
  • Protocol 12 – Site risk classification, reclassification and reporting
  • Protocol 13 – Screening level risk assessment
  • Protocol C27 – Leachate testing procedures
  • Protocol C30 – Determining carcinogenic substances
  • Technical Guidance 4 – Vapour investigation and remediation
  • Technical Guidance 7 – Supplemental guidance for risk assessments
  • Lab Manual – Method for leachate tests
  • Lab Manual – Bioavailability method for lead

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