Re-purpose Electronic Devices with the ERA

Special offer for BCEIA members

By Jessica Lifely, Marketing Manager at ERA

MAY 31, 2019 – Many individuals and organizations don’t consider the impact of disposing of their unwanted electronics,  inevitably leading to e-waste ending up in landfills. Aside from the negative effect on the environment, it is not a secure way to dispose of the sensitive and personal information that may still be present on those devices.

In 2016, 25 million tonnes of waste was recycled in Canada with e-waste being one of the fastest growing offenders in the waste disposal process. About 40% of the heavy metals in landfills, including lead, mercury and cadmium, comes from electronic devices.

As part of its mandate. ERA has prevented thousands of tonnes of electronic devices from ending up in landfills by  re-purposing them back within the community. These devices gain a second lease of life and often go to an individual who is badly in need of a laptop or a computer to improve their quality of life.

Re-purposing one computer with a CRT monitor can save the following:

  • 30 lbs of hazardous waste
  • 77 lbs of solid waste1
  • 47 lbs (17.5 gallons) of water from being polluted
  • 32 tons of air from being polluted
  • 1,333 lbs of CO2 from being emitted
  • 7,719 kilowatts of energy (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

In 2018, ERA recycled 6,694 tonnes of non-reusable electronics from landfills and donated reusable devices to
over 200 Canadian organizations in need and collecting e-waste from 9,542 locations across the country.

ERA is pleased to offer their fellow BCEIA member a special discount on their services. BCEIA members are eligible for free pickups (over 15 items) and free shredding services for 50 hard drives (one time offer only). For more information, please contact ERA at 604-215-4483 or 1-877-9EWASTE.