The Spotlight: Geoscan Subsurface Surveys Inc. 

Geoscan Subsurface Surveys
Region: Lower Mainland & Vancouver Island
Geoscan Subsea Services Inc. (Geoscan) is headquartered in Vancouver with 32 employees between their Vancouver and Victoria operations.  GeoScan offers pillar-to-post expertise across a range of Subsurface projects including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Xradar concrete scanning and coring, utility locating, geophysics, surveying and mapping including salt contamination plumb mapping, and vapor probe installation. Geoscan’s services can provide an upfront advantage for clients during the pre-design phase.  Geoscan is becoming an active consultant in predesign teams for major projects, providing a benefit in terms of value, efficiency and safety in the long term by having all the necessary information upfront early in the planning process.  Geoscan is truly a team effort striving to be the best as they collaborate with their clients.  As a BCEIA member company, they like to hear what is going on in the industry and meet with fellow professionals to gain knowledge.
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