The Spotlight: TRIUM Environmental Inc.

Region(s): Western Canada, including Fort St. John and North East BC
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BJ Min and Jevins Waddell incorporated TRIUM in 2006 as an environmental consulting company; however quickly realized the opportunity in advanced remediation technologies and services.  Since then they have focused on the remediation technology sector and have grown in response to  pportunities, both in Western Canada and in Asia.The company today has 10 employees in Canada with head office in Calgary and via a joint venture branch office in China. The journey to success has been challenging as they developed remediation technologies and provide in-field services. TRIUM performs their services using several proprietary and commercial remediation products for chemical oxidation remediation and heavy metal stabilization.  In BC they are active in Fort St. John and North East BC with an eye towards opportunities in the lower mainland. TRIUM has taken advantage of National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program to develop world class products to provide superior remediation solutions. The success of these products is demonstrated by their penetration into the Asian market both in South Korea and China. They have found that the BCEIA has been a fantastic resource for market information and specifically the BEST conference, which each year provides a great venue for market information, government/public contracting, technical discussions and networking. For a riveting account of TRIUM’s road to success, check out the article at: